queXML 1.3.0 Released today (Simultaneous release with queXF 1.10.0)

queXML 1.3.0 has been released today on Sourceforge

queXML 1.3.0 includes a new PHP class based on TCPDF.

queXMLPDF converts a queXML file to a PDF, similarly to the XSLT stylesheets already avaialable in queXML, but has the added advantage of:

  1. Not requiring FOP and Java to operate
  2. Produces a "Banding" XML file which describes all boxes and fields on the form for importing to queXF

The banding XML feature is very useful as you can skip the "banding" step in queXF when using queXF to scan and verify your questionnaires. The data output from queXF will then include variable, value and question labels.

You will require the latest version of queXF - 1.10.0 to use this new feature.