queXML 1.6.0 released

queXML 1.6.0 has been released today!

Improvements to queXML include allowing for styling tags (italics, bold, underline) recognised in response labels and response categories. A new function to export a questionnaire including code values and variable names allows for a PDF to be produced that can assist in documenting your questionnaire and data file. DVAS items have been implemented. Bugs including background colour specification, line heights, edge detection formatting and VAS increments have been resolved.

queXML 1.5.0 Released

queXML 1.5.0 has been released on Sourceforge.

The queXMLPDF class now exports settings as an XML file - this allows you to reproduce both the questionnaire content and style (i.e. font sizes / page orientation / etc). Some alignment fixes have also been applied.

queXML 1.4.1 Released

queXML 1.4.1 has been released on Sourceforge.

queXML PDF can now generate boxes for corner edge detection instead of corner lines. The default index file can now be used to set background and section colours, and set page orientation and format.

queXML 1.3.12 Released

queXML 1.3.12 has been released on Sourceforge.

Adjusting the style and font sizes for the queXMLPDF class has been enabled without having to edit the class source. Also added is the code from the queXML Tools site (index.php) so you can install it locally (requires PHP and TCPDF).

queXML 1.3.11 Released

queXML 1.3.11 has been released today on Sourceforge.

Responses can now have a default value attached to them which will be pre-printed using the queXMLPDF class. New response types "codabar" and "i25" have been added allowing for automatic form by form barcode generation.

queXML 1.3.10 Released

queXML 1.3.10 has been released today on Sourceforge.

The queXMLPDF class has had a major update. It is now possible to generate forms with multiple columns. To do this, edit the protected $columns variable. Large array questions are automatically split over multiple pages (or columns if multiple columns enabled). The look of the PDF has been updated, including being output in real grayscale, font sizes being more consistent and response labels will not get split mid-word. See the CHANGELOG for more details and changes.

queXML 1.3.9 Released

queXML 1.3.9 has been released on Sourceforge today.

The queXMLPDF class has been updated to include a skipTo registry, so question titles can be bolded when a skip to them occurs. Support has been added for the queXML specifier element. Some tweaking to the layout has occurred to make the page appear more aligned and even. See the CHANGELOG for more details.

queXML 1.3.8 Released

queXML 1.3.8 has been released today on Sourceforge

The schema documentation was updated and the id attribute of the root questionnaire element made required. The queXMLPDF class now has a smaller page border (more page space for questions) and single response questions displayed in a horizontal format (matrix style) appear with a better gap between them.