queXML 1.3.1 Released

queXML 1.3.1 has been released today on Sourceforge

queXML 1.3.1 includes bug fixes from 1.3.0 and better support for queXML info elements in the queXMLPDF class. The class has been updated to produce paper forms more similar to what appears when using the XSLT transformations.

Here is a list of changes:

  • Replaced drawing using HTML tables with TCPDF Multicell to allow for aligning text vertically
  • Updated background colour to be lighter and inline with queXML FO
  • Added the word "Section" to the start of a section
  • Added a : character after the item name
  • Added support for questionnaireInfo after element
  • Fixed skipTo bug where overriding white question line
  • Fixed CSS bug (weight not style for font bold)
  • Horizontal box function respects box widths
  • Cleaned up CSS
  • Added section info during to appear in the section title part
  • Added directive after to appear as help text after the question
  • Added line colour specifier that only seems to effect TCPDF v5.8.034
  • Fixed missing references to $this->lineColour
  • Removed notice generating errors
  • Removed current() where not necessary
  • Fix for displaying questions of type longtext